Most businesses struggle to stand out…

We Make Your Business Soar!

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Raising Money For Breast Cancer Research

Make a difference by purchasing our exclusive Hell to the Yeah 2021 Tee to raise much-needed funds for breast cancer research in Australia.

Available in both mens and ladies, 100% of all profits are donated directed to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Most businesses struggle
to stand out…

We Make Your Business Soar!

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Printed using the highest quality materials, vehicle wraps are the ideal way for your business to make an impact on the road.


Aluminium building signs & vinyl door graphics are the ideal way to make a great first impression for your office visitors.


From acrylic signs, to printed wallpaper, internal signage is the ideal way to ensure your front of house is looking the part. 


A-Frames, banners and posters are great marketing tools for brand awareness “on-the-go” and portable signage options.


You only get one first impression –  make sure you have business cards that give you that professional look.


Think of it as a “look more professional” tool. It shows you are consistent  and that you take pride in your image.


Whether it be invoice books, purchase order books or pre-start books, we have you covered with all your NCR book needs.


From hi-vis and hoodies to t-shirts and singlets, our awesome garment range ensures your team look the part.


Your logo is the first thing your customers will notice about your business – it is like the haircut and clothes of your business.


The online centre of your brand, your website is an important tool ensuring your business looks credible and driving leads.


From email signatures, cartoon characters and digital forms, having on-brand graphic design is a great way to “look the part”.


You might be the best in your industry, but without the proper marketing, you will also be the industry’s best-kept secret.



The name Brand Hero doesn’t just reflect our business — it reflects who we are under the cape. The ‘Brand’ is you. It’s how you look and how you feel. The ‘Hero’ isn’t just us, it sums up how we want to approach each project with you. We want to be the courageous and passionate champion of your brand.



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