Like many things in life, being versatile and flexible can be a great advantage.

For Christmas, I got my little boy ‘The Big Book of Football Facts’. I swear it was for him, but I could spend hours trawling through learning random tidbits on Beckham, Pele and Messi.

There is a story about Lev Yashin. Nicknamed ‘The Black Spider’ for his distinct uniform, Lev was the famed (and feared) goalkeeper for the Soviet Union in the 1950s. Winning Goalkeeper Of The Year Award 9 times, along with being the only goalkeeper to win the famed Ballon D’or in 1963, it’s no wonder they even named the World Cup’s best goalkeeper award after him, The Lev Yashin Award (FIFA aren’t the most creative bunch).

Not content with being an absolute gun between the sticks in the roundball game, Lev needed something to keep himself busy in the cold Russian off-season. And what better way to keep occupied during those chilly winter months than to play ice hockey. That’s right, turned his innate talents to the rink and kept goal for the Soviets too! He even won a famed Soviet Cup in 1953.

Maybe he wanted to keep up his skills in the winter, maybe he simply got bored. Maybe he hated spending time with his wife. Either way, Lev’s commitment to being flexible and versatile saw him reap success throughout his career.

Just like The Black Spider, your logo needs to be flexible and versatile. Having your logo as nimble as a Soviet goalkeeper means your brand will look its best no matter where it’s being displayed.

And this my friends, is a key principle of logo design.

How to keep your logo versatile


Tip 1
You want your logo to work well no matter what the size (from a social icon to a billboard).


Tip 3
You want your logo to work well in all the places that it might show up (from using both landscape and stacked formats)


Tip 2
You want your logo to work well no matter what the background colour is (from black to white and even a multi-coloured photo)


Tip 4
You want your logo to work well if it’s been printed on glossy paper, embroidered on a shirt (or even slapped onto the side of a truck).

Nail these aspects of logo versatility and you’ll go a long way to having a super effective brand identity for your business.

Is your logo flexible and versatile? How is your brand shaping up in 2024? Book your free logo discovery session to ensure your business is branded brilliantly.