Our Story

Today we’re known as Brand Hero, but it’s only been that way for a little while. A lot has changed since Ron Edwards first opened the doors to ‘RJ Edwards Printing’ in 1996.

From the most humble of beginnings

From a suburban garage in north Brisbane, the printing presses of RJ Edwards Printing first turned over in late 1996. Founder Ron Edwards was born with printing ink in his veins. He worked the newspaper industry in the UK for 2 decades, before moving to Australia and working as an estimator for one of Brisbane’s largest signage companies. Along with his wife Anne, they quickly established a reputation for quality colour management and a strong customer focus.

The business soon grew beyond the walls of his humble garage and a commercial property was sought in nearby and newly booming Brendale. A name change to All About Print ensued, as did the appointment of his son Jonathan to the team, heading up the graphics department.

The business became to blossom and the team grew as All About Print moved from a predominantly print-based offering to that of signage, digital print and design.

We didn’t start the fire

Early 2019 saw huge changes in the company. A fire to a neighbouring business caused extensive damage to both the stocks and equipment of All About Print. Forced into a unplanned move, the business relocated to another Brendale location.

Like a forest fire removes the deadwood and allows new green shoots begin to spout, the fire enabled the company to move past a difficult period and onto new pastures. It forced us to think differently about our company, our offering and how we best serve our customers.

A hero is born

In 2019, we changed our name to Brand Hero. We found this reflected our true direction. The ‘Brand’ is you. It’s how you look and how you feel. The ‘Hero’ is not necessarily us, but it does sum up how we want to approach each project with you.

Printing, just like signage and design, is simply a tool we use to help Brisbane businesses soar to new heights, but we do way more than printing. 

Over the years, we built a loyal and diverse client base built on quality work and honest communication and have added signage, website design and marketing to our product offerings.

Creative Minds at Work

Years Branding

Years Combined Experience

Businesses Branded Brilliantly

this is what is important to us

Be Courageous

We embrace change and take the hard road if necessary. Both can lead to better things and unexpected results.

Be Passionate

We love what we do, making our customers look amazing gets us out of bed in the morning.


Be Confident

We are good at what we do – we can take the hard road knowing that we have the skills and talent to succeed.

Have Fun

We recognise a sense of humour is integral to relationship building and having a positive attitude to both work and life.

Leave An Impact

We aim to leave our customers in a better shape than when they arrived – we lift them up and make them soar.

Focus on the End Goal

We focus on the end goal and achieving exceptional results for our clients – Not personal glory.


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