Being in the branding industry, I tend to look at other people’s logos. 

Sometimes it comes with appreciation. Sometimes judgment. Sometimes with the utter amazement that one company thought a naked, big-breasted woman in knee-high boots riding a large wave of concrete was a good idea for a logo.

Yes this was actually a logo I saw recently on a trip up the coast. Cruising down the highway attracting attention from everyone, except the people who’d want to do business with them. 

What kind of message are these people trying to convey with this monstrosity as their logo?

It’s important to remember that your logo isn’t about you! Your logo is about your customer and what resonates and connects with them. You want them to feel like your company is the right choice for them – that you align on values, product and price. 

Love the colour green? Great, buy some socks. 

Love fire and brimstone style fonts? Perfect, use them on your next tattoo.

Love naked, big-breasted women in knee-high boots? Join the queue, but just don’t use them in your logo. 

How to make your logo appropriate for your target audience

Nail your ideal client

Sorry to break it to you, “everyone” isn’t your target audience. Who is the one type of person you just love doing business with? Try to really narrow it down – are they male or female? Young or old? What kind of car do they drive? Where do they live? What do they do in their spare time? You can even give them a name! 

For example…

Brand Hero’s ideal client is Brad. Brad is a 35 year old tradie who loves getting on the tools. He’s got a team of 10 working for him around Brisbane. On weekends, Brad takes his ute out with his small family for beach trips and loves a nice craft beer in the evening. Although Brad is a little time poor, he enjoys listening to podcasts to help grow his business whilst he gets about town. 

See how specific that is? You can then tailor your branding design and marketing strategy to ensure it resonates with this type of audience. You want Brad to be your friend.

Determine your brand personality

Think of your brand like a person, the way you style your business and communicate will attract and detract people to you. A good example here would be David Jones and Kmart – both are two businesses in the same market. Both sell cosmetics, homewares and clothing. However, they aim for very different market segments (price based vs quality based).

By styling themselves in a certain way, they are able to attract their ideal customers through the door. How can you style your business to draw in the right audience?

Choose your style

Now you know your ideal client and brand personality, it’s time to choose a logo style that works in this regard.

Remember, your logo isn’t for you – it’s for your ideal client. Red might be your favourite colour, but does it resonate with your ideal client? You might really love bold and aggressive fonts, but will it work well with what your client is looking for? It’s crucial to put yourselves in your audience’s shoes during this process. 

Nailing these three elements in the logo design process will go a long way to ensuring your logo is appropriate and matches with your ideal client. 


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