I suck at gardening. But I do try. I like the end product and I do enjoy sun-filled days in the garden digging, pruning and planting with my green-thumb partner. I also enjoy the fruits of my labour, whether it be fresh basil, lemons or chillies.

Last weekend, Bec was at work and I was left unattended.

We had a small potted lemon tree and I thought it would be nice to have a bay tree growing nearby. So I popped off to Bunnings to get myself a new shrub or two.

After much digging, planting and mulching my work was done – our luscious lemons, beautiful basil and punchy chillies were now augmented with the subtle flavours of bay leaves. My winter soups will be unreal. She will be so proud of me.

Then she got home…

Issue 1: I didn’t read the label and had chosen a tree that would grow to 15 metres and put it directly next to the house.
Issue 2: You generally only use around 5-10 bay leaves a year.
Issue 3: I had planted 3 of these bad boys, so theoretically now had enough to make soups for the entire northside, for a lifetime.

I should not be left alone for such things…

In honour of upcoming World Environment Day on June 5th, we are launching our eco-friendly print range. From business cards and brochures to corflutes and even t-shirts. All products are made with recyclable materials and will make a real difference to our planet.

And I am leaving tree planting to the experts. In fact, we have teamed up with the wonderful team at B1G1 and for every eco-friendly product sold in June 2024, we will be planting a tree to celebrate and support our wonderful planet.

Our Plant a Tree Commitment

In honour of World Environment Day, for every eco-friendly order received in June 2024, we will plant a tree in the world.