Here at Brand Hero, we get asked loads of questions about vehicle wraps every single week – Questions about designs, vinyl types, costs and timeframes. 

We try to keep things simple so you know where you are at and can get on with what you do best, running your business. And whilst we dearly love speaking to every one of you, here is a handy list of some of the most popular questions we get asked. 

Vehicle Wrap Frequently Asked Questions

How long do vehicle wraps last?

Depending on how it is stored, you should get anywhere from 3-7 years out of your vehicle wrap. Correct maintenance and care of your wrap is essential to its longevity! 

Can vehicle wraps be removed?

Absolutely! If you sell your vehicle or need to rebrand, your vehicle wrap will come off with a little bit of love and elbow grease. Also a heat gun and some adhesive remover will come in handy.

Do vehicle wraps damage the paintwork?

Your vehicle wrap should not damage your paintwork. That said, if the paintwork is in poor condition or was incorrectly applied, this could lead to issues. Contour cut vinyl can sometimes lead to a ghosting effect from the sun on the unexposed areas, which is often removed with buffing or a detail.

Are vehicle wraps weather-resistant?

Vehicle wrap vinyl is a UV-resistant product and we apply an additional UV protection coating over this to increase the longevity of your vehicle wrap. Keeping to proper care instructions will also help keep your vehicle signage shiny and new.

Are vehicle wraps legal?

As long as you keep the photos of semi-naked ladies on your phone and keep the “effin & jeffin” down to a minimum, your vehicle wrap will be perfectly legal for Australian roads. 

How much do vehicle wraps cost?

This depends on the size of the vehicle, coverage and vinyl types used. Generally, a car wrap will cost somewhere between $2000-$5000. 

Can vehicle wraps be customised?

Yes! We custom design and print every vehicle wrap job! We want it to look amazing and be on-brand for your business so you stand out on the road. 

How do vehicle wraps affect vehicle resale value?

If you remove the wrap completely from your vehicle prior to sale, you will not have any issues with this affecting the resale value of your vehicle. 

Are vehicle wraps suitable for all types of vehicles?

It’s important to ensure the surface of the vehicle is in good condition. If the paintwork is chipped or cracked, this will affect the laying of the vinyl and can cause lifting.

What if I don’t like my design?

Never fear – our team will do as many revisions as you need to make sure you are happy with the end result.

Got more questions? 

We understand that car signage and car wraps can be confusing with lots of different jargon being used by signage companies. We hope this list of questions is a helping guide for you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us – we would be happy to help!