We are currently looking at doing some renovations to our family home.

As the children grow up, it’s becoming abundantly clear – it’s adults vs teenagers. And the time has come to add some separation to our quaint family abode.

Call me old fashioned, but no one wants to listen to DJ Khalid or G-Ezy through paper-thin walls. And don’t get me started on the unique concoction of smells emanating from my son’s laundry basket, but we will just pick our battles.

So queue the phone calls to local builders to gather some quotes to add some much needed demarcation between the adults and the teenagers. To cover our bases, we go for two quotes.

The first builder my husband heard about from a mate at work. He shows up in a blank work ute, has no logo, zero social media presence and no website. He said his work was good, but with no actual evidence seems to back this up.

The other quote is from another builder we found via our son’s footy club. He arrived in a branded vehicle and handed us his business card. With a recognisable logo, we see his company’s mesh banners and corflutes around our suburb all the time. His signs are up at the footy club. After he left, we checked out his website – it was simple but well presented.

Which builder did we choose?

Regardless of the fact his quote was 20% more than the first guy, we went with the latter because he looks credible. We feel like we can trust him. Your logo and branded image play a super-important role in your business.

A well-presented brand will…

Build trust

Your logo and the brand you build around it, shows you are professional and care about your image. It sets the tone for the transaction and shows you mean business.

Send the right message

A good logo will send the right message with it too. It shows you don’t cut corners when it comes to work. It’ll show your target audience that you have a quality business which you invest in.

Set your business apart

Ultimately, an amazing logo will help you stand out from your competitors. Your logo should set you apart from the crowd of competitors in your industry.

Express who you are

Maybe you’re a high end, major construction company, maybe you’re a small-scale contractor. Whoever you are, your logo and branded collateral should reflect that.

Be seen in your local community with impactful branding

Get your logo seen in your local community. Whether it be signs at the football club, on your company van or on your shirts – It all comes together to help build trust.

As consumers, we want to be associated with brands that we trust. It gives us peace of mind that we made the right choice and that our investment is in good hands.

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