If you’re thinking about popping up some advertising signs in the lovely City of Moreton Bay region, just a friendly heads-up – there are a few guidelines to keep in mind. You might need to snag the City of Moreton Bay Council’s nod of approval for any signs, even if it’s for your home-based business. And hey, if your signage is linked to a charity, club, or event in Moreton Bay, getting a thumbs-up from the Council could be on the checklist too. 

Let’s take a closer look

Signage approvals for City of Moreton Bay Council

It is not always necessary to have signage approval for your building signage via the City of Moreton Bay Council. As long as your signs meet the specific requirements, there is no need to apply for council approval for your signage project.

That said, there are quite a few different angles to the regulations so getting advice from council is always advisable before starting your signage project.

City of Moreton Bay Council signage regulations are broken down into zones: various town centre precincts, community areas, industrial, emerging community, residential and rural. The regulations will differ depending on the zone in terms of signage surface area and a few other key factors. 

How much signage am I allowed for my business?

Signage surface area allowances in Moreton Bay differ depending on where the signs are located. The general rule of thumb for most local businesses is for 1 meter of primary frontage, you are allowed either 1 meter squared or 20 meters squared – whichever is less per site. 

Whilst this accounts for most businesses in the City of Moreton Bay Council signage regulation zones, businesses located in Redcliffe and Kippa-Ring have slightly different signage regulations – For every meter of primary frontage, you get 1 meter squared, up to a total of 10 meters squared, whichever amount is smaller.

Throughout Moreton Bay, businesses working from home are allowed 0.3m squared per site, with rural homes allowing 1.0m squared per site. Rural businesses are allowed up to 5.0m squared per site.

Regulations of specific signage types

Awning Signs

If you are installing an awning sign, it must not be placed directly above the awning and you’re only allowed one such sign for each business. Importantly, there must be a minimum gap of 2.4 meters between the lowest point of the device and the ground or pavement. Furthermore, the attachment to the awning should not be more than 100mm thick. Lastly, the signs must remain within the limits of the awning itself.

Fence Signs

Fence signs are commonplace in and around Moreton Bay. For fence sign advertising it should not exceed a thickness of 100mm, and should not hang outside of the fence.

Freestanding Signs

For businesses, freestanding signs are limited to 1 per site entrance, with a maximum of 2 per frontage. They cannot be more than 6m in height. In addition, the signs should be set back a minimum of 1 meter from the front boundary and 3 meters from the side and rear boundaries of the site. Signs in residential areas cannot exceed 1.5m in height. 

Roof Signs

Businesses wanting to advertise on their roof are limited to 1 sign per site in addition to the roof sign not protruding from the roof beyond 100mm, and must not extend beyond any edge of the roof it is connected to.

Wall Signs and Facade Signs

Probably the most common type of building sign, wall signs and facade signs must have a maximum thickness of 100mm and cannot extend beyond the edges of the wall or facade.

Illuminated LED Signs

For illuminated LED signs, electrical work must adhere to current safety standards, with concealed wiring and static graphics, while maintaining light levels between 300-500 cd/m2, depending on the zone. All electrical work must be carried out by a licensed electrician.

Whether it be a roof sign, fence sign or freestanding sign, whatever the type of sign is affects the additional considerations mandated by City of Moreton Bay Council. Your signage may even contain a combination of the outlined elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for signage approval in the City of Moreton Bay?

Getting signage approval from the City of Moreton Bay Council is a breeze with their step-by-step online guide. Just make sure to send in your application and all the supporting docs at least 30 days before you plan to showcase your sign. This gives them enough time to review everything, ask for more info if needed, do a final check, and make a decision. Head over here to get started.

Do I need to pay advertising signage fees to the council?

When you’re all set to showcase your sign, just a heads up that there might be City of Moreton Bay Council signage fees to cover. For the nitty-gritty details, hop over to the council’s advertising signs page for the most up to date fee information. 

Can I get my signage application processed quicker?

Sometimes you cannot wait. Perhaps you open your doors in two weeks, or you’ve got an important event just around the corner. Luckily, council offers a fast track option if you wish to have your application seen a little quicker.

Does my sign need building approval?

Whilst a little uncommon for most businesses, obtaining building approval is a necessary step for advertising signs meeting specific criteria. This includes signs that are freestanding and exceed a height of 2m from ground level or are wider than 1.2m when freestanding. Additionally, signs that form a distinct structure upon attachment to an existing building or structure also fall under the purview of building approval. 

What if my sign is an election sign? 

There are specific rules and regulations around election signs. These relate to sizes, locations as well as how many election signs you can display. Go here for a full run down on election sign displays for City of Moreton Bay Council.

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This blog is a guide only – Before you make any signage purchases & installations, please consult your local council for a full brief of the guidelines and requirements. Content correct at time of writing