Most small businesses have a limited marketing budget. We are not like Apple, Nike or BMW and we need to make sure we get as much bang for our buck as possible. And by that, I don’t mean in a ‘cram every service you offer into a DL flyer’ kind of way. We just want to make sure our marketing collateral reaches and appeals to the right people.

The old adage of ‘any business is good business’ has gone out the door with Hypercolor shirts and Pez Dispensers. You want your phone ringing off the hook with qualified leads, willing to do business with you and on your terms. This enables you to do your best work.

One easy way to apply this filter and weed out the tyre kickers and price shoppers is simply by upgrading the quality of your paper and card on your printed marketing collateral. Whether it be business cards or brochures, the type of paper they are printed onto can really speak volumes about who you are and how you do business.

Let’s have a closer look at some common marketing items where a few simple upgrades can supercharge the value of leads into your business.


Business Cards

Ten years ago, a good friend of mine told me that business cards (and print in general) was dead. I’m happy (and somewhat relieved) to discover how wrong this was. With the rise and rise of technology and faceless business transactions, there appears to be a move back to a more hands-on, relationship-centric approach to doing business. This is where the humble business card shines (sometimes literally). This is often the first impression a potential clients gets with your company and you only get one of these. Squandering it with cheap business cards is a wasted opportunity and one which is easily (and inexpensively) avoided.

Suggested Upgrade:

A simple upgrade to 350gsm business card with a matt or gloss celloglaze at least gets you out of the shadows and into the ‘respectable-looking business’ category. For not much more than a 6-pack, you can add rounded corners to this too.

Selling high-end or big ticket items? A Raised Spot UV or Metallic Foil business card adds a touch of class and elegance to your cards and inturn, your company. In addition to this, they “feel” different. This added sensory element is huge when people are deciding to buy from you or not.


Flyers, Postcards & Brochures

I have been watching re-runs of UK comedy Blackadder on ABC recently. In the classic WW1 sitcom, they refer to fictional propaganda magazine King & Country as ‘soft, strong yet thoroughly absorbent’. Regardless of what you are selling, your product and company getting associated with toilet paper is never a good look.

Particularly if you are looking at short-run trade show printing or similar event printing, the difference between toilet paper level stock thickness and quality card is next to nothing. Whether it is flyer printing, postcard printing or brochure printing this can have a huge effect on who is attracted to doing business with you.

Suggested Upgrade:

If you are planning on running flyers, a simple upgrade from paper (around 130gsm) to a 250gsm or 350gsm coated card will really help you step up your marketing game for under $20.


Booklets & Magazines

Rinse and repeat for the above items here. The emergence of digital printing (think short run, high quality work) enables booklets and magazines to be printed in small numbers, perfect for events and conferences. Whether it be company profile printing, product guide printing or capability statement printing, adding a slightly thicker cover stock or internal stock will make the world of difference.

Suggested Upgrade:

Most booklets are printed on stock that is 100-130gsm in thickness. A simple upgrade to 150gsm satin for internal sheets and 250gsm satin for the cover looks fantastic and will make a big impression on the reader.


People make their buying decisions based on how they “feel” about the company. Think about Apple. The iMac is very similar to PCs – A monitor, keyboard and mouse. Yet, they sell for 2-3 times higher than PCs and people not only buy them, they rave about them (me included!).

Purchasing decisions go beyond facts and figures and perceptions can make a make a massive difference. Simple changes to your marketing collateral such as higher-grade stock choices or professionally designed artwork may not cost the earth, but will have a huge impact on the quality of leads flowing into your business.

Need some honest advice on what stocks to use to boost your marketing game? Get in touch today.