A year or so ago, we sold our house. We jumped in on Brisbane’s ridiculous real estate boom and cashed in on our beautiful, but troublesome family home. 

Friends and family would come over and love sitting around, having a drink in our lush and palm-tree-laden garden. 

“It’s like the Caribbean!” My mother-in-law would say.

Little did she know of my gallant efforts to keep a little bit of the Bahamas in Brisbane. Palm trees and their ever-so-nasty fronds became my mortal enemy. And don’t even get me started on the resident bush turkey. 

More troubling was our home’s foundations. Cracks big enough to plant a car key in would appear, seemingly overnight. No matter how much concrete and steel and God knows that else was poured underneath the house, it couldn’t be solved. We could almost hear the cracks forming as we slept. I could certainly see the money disappearing from our bank account.

Eventually, we raised our little white flag to the garden, the cracks and the bush turkey. We patched up and preened the best we could and popped it on the market. Sometimes you need to just cut your losses and start again…


Your company’s logo is a little like your home’s foundations. If it isn’t right, it will potentially have a roll-on effect on other areas of your business. 

Perhaps it doesn’t look very sharp on your business cards, never comes out right when you get your shirts done, or looks funny on your website. Perhaps it’s outdated and all of your competitors and looking a tad more fashionable these days. Perhaps it just doesn’t inspire anyone anymore – you, your target market or your team.

More times than not, it all comes down to your logo, the bedrock of your brand identity. Without this right, it’s an uphill battle of palm trees, wall cracks and bush turkeys.

How to fix it:

  1. Look around… does it still reflect who you are as a business? Does it still hold up in your industry, compared to your competition? 
  2. Ensure you have your logo in multiple file formats for different uses (PDF, JPG, PNG) This will ensure it looks as you expect on everything from business cards to building signs.
  3. Ensure its layout works in all the places it is visible. Does it work on your website and display nicely? The same goes for your socials.
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