What is a Capability Statement

A Capability Statement is a document that outlines a company’s capabilities and services offered. It typically includes information on the company’s experience, products, services, processes, and the resources and technology used. It also states the company’s commitment to customer service, quality, safety, and environmental practices.

How does a Capability Statement help grow your business? 

  1. Showcasing Expertise: A capability statement highlights your organisations key skills, experience, and qualifications. By demonstrating your professional expertise, you enhance your chances of winning tenders and securing high value contracts.
  1. Impressing Potential Clients: A well-written capability statement communicates your commitment to delivering high-quality services. It provides potential clients with a clear understanding of the value and professionalism your organization brings to the table, setting you apart from competitors.
  1. Building Trust and Credibility: A comprehensive capability statement establishes trust and credibility by providing potential clients with detailed information about your company. It outlines your track record, industry certifications, awards, and other credentials, inspiring confidence in your ability to execute projects successfully.
  1. Structured and Organised Presentation: A capability statement presents your company information in a professional and structured manner. Its concise and organised format enables potential clients to quickly grasp your capabilities, making it easier for them to evaluate your suitability for their projects.
  1. Confidence in Bid Submissions: By having a capability statement, you can confidently submit bids or proposals, knowing that you have presented your organisation’s strengths and expertise comprehensively. This greatly increases your chances of winning tenders, as potential clients are more likely to recognise your professionalism and competitive advantage.
  1. Competitive Edge Over Rivals: A well-crafted capability statement helps you outshine your competition during a tender evaluation. Its professionalism and clarity convey that you are a serious contender, making potential clients more inclined to choose your organisation over others.
  1. Enhancing Brand Image: A capability statement is an effective branding tool that elevates your company’s image and reputation. Its professional appearance reflects positively on your organisation, positioning you as a reliable and capable partner for future tenders and projects.

What are the Steps in Creating a Capability Statement?

A good capability statement doesn’t happen by chance. It needs to be carefully planned, researched and written. After this, having an attractive and professionally created design really helps convey the professional image required for such work.

  1. Establish the Goals: Identify the purpose of the capability statement. Determine the audience and establish the key features and benefits that should be highlighted.
  1. Research the Market: Familiarise yourself with the competitive landscape. Research the industry trends and the needs of the target audience.
  1. Structure the Document: Create an outline of the main points to be included in the document. Like I said earlier, consider adding your company’s experience, products, services, processes, and the resources and technology used. You might also include insurances, company values and charities you’ve supported.
  1. Write the Document: Describe the organisation’s mission, services, capabilities, and competitive advantages in clear, concise language. Hot tip: Getting a copywriter to do this for you is a good idea – they will get it done in half the time and it will sound twice as good.
  1. Edit and Finalise the Document: Review and edit the document for consistency, accuracy, and proper formatting. Ensure the language and visuals used are appropriate and professional.
  1. Design it to your brand: Don’t leave it to your office manager because they mentioned they are a wizard at MS Word at the Christmas Party. Have a graphic design company turn the worded copy into an attractive and professional design that reflects your organisation. 
  1. Create Distribution Channels: Time to get this out to the world! Decide on the best methods for distributing the capability statement such as printed material, email, website, or other electronic formats.

Remember, a compelling capability statement not only portrays your organisation as professional, but also highlights your unique strengths, qualifications, and past successes, making it an invaluable asset in winning tenders.


Having a well-written, professionally designed and up-to-date Capability Statement can strengthen your brand image and enhance your reputation, leading to more business opportunities. They are a must if you plan to try to win work for government, public sector or large organisations.

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