I was recently reading a great article on marketing and it stressed the importance of putting your brand in the places where your audience hangs out and congregates.

If you sell clothes, make sure your Instagram page looks amazing and can be seen by as many people as possible. If you sell business insurance, make sure you are regularly pressing the flesh at all your local networking breakfasts. You get the idea…

And that got me thinking of the place we all hang out and are seen around the most – the road. 

The stats show that 92 per cent of Australian households own a vehicle. In addition to this, over 6.5 million of us commute to and from work every single day. You can also add the half a million who travel as passengers and 300,000 who get around by foot or bicycle. Then you’ve got the hundreds of thousands who take public transport. That’s a huge number who are hanging out on the roads at any given time.

Vehicle Signage = Amazing Advertising ROI

It stands to reason that, given these numbers on our roads, the advertising ROI figures for vehicle signage is through the roof! A recent 3M study has shown that, depending on the type of vehicle signage you get, vehicle advertising only costs around 15c per 1000 impressions! Given that an online ad is around $21 per 1000 impressions, this is a pretty straightforward decision.

This all adds up to a tonne of people on the road and an opportunity for your brand not to miss. 

Does your signage look the part? Ensuring this element of your visual brand is done correctly is super important in growing your business and ensuring you look professional out on the road. 

You can order your easy-apply fleet graphics online here, or contact us today for a more customized solution for your vehicle signage needs.