At All About Group, we offer a wide range of print options, depending on what is required. Many customers have different requirements for different jobs. Do you need it quick? Is colour important? Do you only need 50 of something? All of these factors determine the use of print technology. Check out the differences:

Offset Printing Offset printing uses CMYK (aka Process or Full Colour) and Pantone spot colour (PMS). This process uses ink and plates to transfer an image onto paper. It produces high quality cost effective results for long print run. A single page A4 brochure or A4 Letterhead would require a minimum quantity of 1000 copies to be cost effective.

Digital Printing Digital printing uses CMYK colours on the page. Short runs of any quantity less than 1000 copies are typical for digital printing. As a digital printer requires no printing plates, there is less time and expense involved in setting up a file to print. This means that a finished file can be proofed and final quantity run within a short time period.

Which is best? This really depends on the type of print job you want us to do. How many do you need? What sort of colours need to be printed? When is your deadline? Contact us today to discuss your options.