My first car was a bright red Ford Laser. Like any teenage boy, getting a decent stereo system installed was high on my priority list. Surround Sound, Sub Woofer & a Removable Face were all very important! With my CD wallet packed with my favourites, that car took me everywhere, great tunes along the way.

Fast forward 20 years… Marriage, 2 kids, a small business, iPhones, Blue Tooth and a marginally better car. Life has changed. I used to be able to pick the Top 10 of the JJJ Hottest 100 every year. Those days are long gone… somewhere along the line I got old!

My sounds of choice for my daily drive these days? Podcasts.

For those of you unfamiliar with this concept, Podcasts are like radio shows (without the music) recorded and downloaded onto your Smartphone. With topics related to sports, comedy, business, personal development and more, there are podcast shows out there for almost everyone.

Whether you are iPhone or Android, both come with Podcast apps so you can search and play your favourites.

Let’s take a look at a few of ours, click on the link of the show to find out how to listen:

Abel Business Radio

Hosted by Zachary Sexton, this US-based show is great for small business. A small business owner himself, Zach’s format involves interviews with other small businesses where he delves into what makes them successful. With a focus on business automation, marketing and productivity, Abel Business Radio is a great resource and a nice, easy listen.

Great for: Marketing, Technology, Habits, Systems, Productivity, Small Business 

The Productivity Show by Asian Efficiency

These guys are great and have a loyal following for all things productivity. Covering a range of business-related topics, this podcast is full of actionable tips, life and business hacks, as well as useful apps and book suggestions.

Great for: Technology, Habits, Systems, Productivity, Small Business

Small Business, Big Marketing

Aussie local Tim Reid presents this podcast and as the name suggests, it has a strong marketing focus. With examples and interviews with successful local entrepreneurs, this show is a must for those in need of marketing inspiration and strategy.

Great For: Marketing, Small Business

The Profit First Podcast

A current favourite, this is not like any other Podcast. Mike Michalowiz’s Profit First Podcast is great – Highly entertaining & unconventional are not some of the words usually used to describe a finance-focused podcast. Somehow, Mike delivers this in spades with great guest speakers and actionable tips for small business.

Great For: Finance, Small Business

The 5am Miracle

Need of some good old inspiration to set you up the day and to get your stuff done? Look no further. Jeff Sanders’ podcast is full of easy to implement strategies for making the most out of those precious early hours.

Great For: Habits, Productivity

Optimal Living Daily

With a slightly different format, Justin Malik finds business and lifestyle blogs online and reads them on air. If you have no time (or desire) to go through that mountain of newsletter emails you get each week, this is ideal. With the average episode clocking in at around 10mins, its great for those little trips in and around town.

Great For: Habits, Productivity

Getting Things Done

If you have read the book and love GTD like me, this podcast is great. If you haven’t, do yourself a favour! With many interviews from author David Allen himself, this podcast is full of easy to implement tips and strategies to get your GTD game up to the next level.

Great For: Habits, Productivity, Small Business

Know a good podcast that isn’t listed? Get in touch and let us know, we are always interested in new ones to add to the list.