Every company has a brand and every brand has a personality. As a business owner, its vital for you to discover what your brand personality is and how to communicate it day in, day out.

The first part of any branding process is understanding your brand personality. Your brand personality is the human emotional side of your brand. Are you a hip and socially conscious brand or a traditional corporate brand?

Putting it into clothing terms – are you a three piece suit sort of brand or are you a geeky t-shirts and jeans sort of brand?

Your choice of logo, font, colours & graphical style all contribute to the type of brand and image you are portraying.

Is your brand to be cheerful & friendly, modern & fun? Then your brand appeals to more independent and high-energy clients. The colours you choose may be vibrant, cheerful and trendy, with modern open style fonts.

Is your brand to be planned & considered, exclusive & traditional? Then your brand appeals to corporate professional clients. The colours you choose may be conservative and rich in hue, with traditional font styles that have stood the test of time.

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