How To Choose The Right Colours For Your Business

Colour is deeply linked to human emotions and moods, with research telling us that a product’s colour influences 60-80% of a customer’s purchasing decision.

The right colours can trigger a feeling of confidence, trust and happiness, which then flow over into how a customer feels about your brand.

The thing to remember is that colour needs to be used in the right way for the right audience. In other words, your colours need to be appropriate for your brand personality. For example, day-care centres would not get very far using black as their main colour and law firms would not be taken seriously using baby pink as their main colour choice.

Which Colours Do Companies Use Most?

From the world’s top 100 brands (determined by brand value)








95% use only one or two colours, 5% use more than two colours (Microsoft, EBay and Google).




Colour Preference By Gender











Males tend to be more attracted towards bright & strong colours such as blue & green. Females on the other hand, are more likely to be attracted to soft colours such as purple & light blue. Who is your target market?

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