At All About Group, we specialise in logo design. When beginning each project, we take 5 key principles into account to ensure the logo design is a success for our clients.

A good logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, simple and it conveys the owner’s intended message.

Let’s take a look at how simplicity plays a role in good logo design.


Simplicity makes a logo easily recognizable, versatile and memorable.

Good logos feature something unique without being too complex and cluttered.

Take a good look at the FedEx logo. The logo uses the negative space between the E and the X to create and arrow. This arrow representing speed and moving forward.

The Amazon logo is another great example. The arrow pointing from A to Z, referencing its wide range of products available to its customers.

Generally speaking, simplicity also allows for versatility. In an age where social media is playing such an important role in business marketing, you need to make sure your logo works on even more platforms than before. Does it work well on Facebook and Instagram? In print? On signage? Can you get it embroided?

The Fax Principle

We use KISS — Keep It Simple, Stupid!  While complex logos on a billboard can look great, they don’t always work as Facebook icons for instance, or even on a business card printing.  That is really the key test… at a small size, a strong logo should be instantly recognizable. You don’t want to have to compromise on your logo to suit the platform it is being applied to! Not that long ago, we used to used to call it the Fax Principle. When designing a logo, we would make sure it worked well if it needed to be faxed (ie Black & White) on a letterhead. Whilst faxes have gone the way of the dodo, the principle still applies!

“A refined and distilled identity will also catch the attention of a viewer zipping by signage at 70 miles per hour, on packaging on the crowded shelves of a store, or in any other vehicle used for advertising, marketing and promotion. Remember, the basis of the hugely effective international branding for the world’s largest shoe manufacturer is a very simple graphic swoosh.”

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