When you are driving around town, what are you more likely to remember? A white van driving in front of you? Or a fully wrapped and branded van driving in front of you? For most small and medium sized businesses, your vehicle is a key asset to your company. It is used for deliveries, visiting clients on sales calls, and providing services.

Studies have shown people are 33% more aware of what is around them when they leave their home, compared to staying at home. This, coupled with the fact that over 1,000 people see your vehicle daily, makes our roads the perfect platform for your brand exposure!

What kinds of vehicles can be sign written?

Generally speaking, if it moves, it can be sign written. From cars to vans, from utes to heavy machinery signage. We have even done helicopter signage and an old prison truck!

What type of vehicle signs can you get?

Full or Partial Vehicle Wraps:
For the ultimate statement, a full or partial vehicle wrap is the way to go. Vinyl wrapping for vehicles uses special vinyl types that conform to the shapes of your vehicle. When heated, the vinyl’s memory re-sets to the shape of your vehicle. Very clever! This is a great long-lasting approach, allowing you to get the maximum out of you and your employee’s drive time.

Vinyl Cut Lettering:
Our most popular option, this is both cost effective and when done right, has a high impact. Using the flatter areas of your vehicle, vinyl cut lettering and shapes can be applied directly onto the surface of the vehicle.

Ute Tray Signs:
We have lots of tradies asking us about effective ways to maximize their brand and exposure. Ute tray signs are a no-brainer! Being on the road for so many hours in a day, turning that ute into a ‘mobile billboard’ makes sense. Made from hard-wearing aluminium material with UV coatings, they can be easily fixed onto the aluminium tray of your ute. Simple!

One Way Vision Windows:
Another favourite, rear windows with One Way Vision vinyl brings your vehicle branding to the next level. These are printed in full colour on a special vinyl with perforated holes, ensuring your rear vision view is kept in tact whilst driving.

Top Tips for better vehicle signage

Whatever option you choose, you are doing you and your business a great turn by adding to your brand exposure. Here are some top tips to ensure you maximize your vehicle asset:

  1. Big is Best. This isn’t a business card. Keep the fonts & graphics large to get noticed.
  2. Keep it Simple. No need to list every single service you offer on your back window. Don’t get me started on PO Boxes and Fax Numbers! Logo, Phone Number, Website…. generally, that’s all you need!
  3. Quality Counts. The Queensland sun is almost as strong as our Origin team. Ensuring you use quality types of vinyl suitable for our climate, will help your vehicle look great long after they’ve been applied.
  4. Slow Down. Nothing worse than your business being viewed in a negative light as you scream past at 110km/hr!
  5. Have Fun. Taking it to the next level sometimes means breaking people’s expectations of what is seen on the roads with signage. To really stand out, have some fun with your brand!

Next steps

Should this be something you feel your business can improve on and take advantage of, give us a call. We would generally set a time to have a look at your vehicle and take some measurements. From here, we can discuss your options and your budget to develop a solution that works for you and your business. Get in touch today.