Choosing the right paper for your printed job is important. Who is your target market? What image does your product and company wish to portray? You need to think carefully about these points when choosing your paper.

Here is a simple list of some standard paper stock and their uses.

80gsm & 100gsm Standard Uncoated

Perfect for going through office & home printers, these stocks are most commonly used for letterheads and with compliments slips. Uncoated stocks can also be used for note pads, booklets, flyers & brochures.

120gsm Premium Smooth Uncoated

Want that extra special look & feel to your printed communications? 120gsm Smooth Uncoated is ideal for that high end look.

130gsm & 150gsm Coated

Used for flyers, brochures & booklets, the stocks allow the colour to sit on the surface of the paper and not be absorbed into the stock. This creates great, vibrant results, especially with full colour printing.

250gsm & 350gsm Coated

Used for marketing cards, invitations, greeting cards and business cards (we use 350gsm card for business cards). Is your product of service aimed at a high-end market? Using thicker stocks gives an impression of quality to your brand and product.

We also stock specialty papers, card and recycled stocks on request!